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1390 Ocean Condominiums

1390 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, Florida

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Miami Beach is currently populated with among of the highest and amazing condos Miami Beach developers have ever built. Getting around is easy as South Beach is just a few blocks from the train station.

1390 Ocean Miami Beach provides concierge service and parking. Under the Miami Beach Sun, 1390 Ocean make some shade for the swarms of pedestrians that walk through this amazing cosmopolitan South Beach every day. The condos are second to none with 10-20 foot high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass to make sure your view is unhindered, and private wrap around decks. Taxis, Uber or Lyft are also popular in South Beach, since car-free living is popular, they are easily accessible either with being hailed by the street or called via their mobile App. You have the opportunity here to look at a comprehensive information site that can focus on all your criteria that shows the best condos for sale in South Beach Miami Beach. South Beach is conveniently located near all the best parts of town. World famous South Beach is a clear and favorite destination for all travelers from around the Globe. A place for beautiful beaches, second to none nightlife, world class shopping, and Top Chef restaurants which explains why 1390 Ocean is a popular choice for any active buyer.